Benefits Promoting your business or event on a community station helps remind your customers of your commitment to local programs (sports, cultural, and charitable events) and helps identify you with topics of local interest. CFIS 93.1 FM is truly the only LOCAL radio station in Prince George and it specifically targets listeners who enjoy the music of the past, combined with a blend of local musicians and some newer genres as well Your community radio station, CFIS 93.1 works with other community organizations and non-profits to make our community better Extra promotion for corporate sponsors: listeners will be encouraged through aired promos to support businesses which support our radio broadcasts Your messages are more likely to get through to listeners: 93.1 CFIS 93.1 FM has programming breaks only two minutes in length and only five minutes of commercial time per hour. This means your message is not lost in lengthy commercial blocks which could cause your listeners to physically or mentally tune out We will also use social media to promote your business

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